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Education/Membership Committee

The purpose of the Education/Membership Committee is to create opportunities for the education of our membership.  This includes New Member Orientation, Continuing Education, and special educational offerings.  This committee shares its information by providing the Association Office with minutes of all its meetings.  Also...

  1. Assist in the retention, satisfaction, and morale of the current membership.  
  2. Recruit members (Associates and Affiliates).  
  3. Communicate with the members regarding membership issues, concerns, events.  
  4. Provide a channel for the members to put forward their ideas and suggestions.  
  5. Develop and maintain a membership benefit program.  
  6. Identify under-represented segments.  
  7. Identify opportunities for community opportunities and partnerships.  
  8. Evaluate future trends, access and monitor membership expectations and satisfaction.  
  9. Create (or identify) information and marketing items, strategies and campaigns.


Membership with SIAR is a requirement for membership/participation in the "Education/Membership Committee".